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Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy Theory
Novenber 7th!

Although it is great that Jesse has a new show on ORA, called "Off the Grid", it was really nice to hear him on Coast to Coast on March 25th. Like he says "I'm off the grid". It has seemed he has been a bit silent lately, but of course I forget that he still spends 5 months a year in Mexico. I really can't fault him for that. I actually envy him.

In last nights interview, now that the "Howard Stern" thing for vice president has died down, Jesse revealed his wish for a running mate in "Angus King", the 71st governor of Maine. King server during the period Jesse served as governor of Minnesota. I believe they were the only two independent governors at the time. I have to say, just about everything he said made since to me.

I will start taking down these old video's and put up current clips from "Off the Grid" if at all possible.

If "We The People" want real change, we are going to have to do something radical like nominate Jesse Ventura for President in 2016. There are some of people think he is way out there and would not make a good President. I was one of them just 6 short months ago. What changed my mind? You can read the section "About This Site" in the left column to explain my logic behind this site. After the election of Obama to a second term, I was dumbfounded and now realize that we need real change. Someone who will stand up to the big money and power mungers!

If you like Jesse's views on the country and the direction it should be heading and his views on preserving the Constitution, you can click on this "Presidential State Ballot Access" form and read what needs to be done in your state to accomplish this.

Jesse Basics

Jesse Ventura was born "James George Janos" on July 15th 1951 in Minneapolis Minnesota. Both of his parents were World War II veterans. From 1969 to 1975 Jesse served in the Navy, where in 1970 he became part of "Navy Seal Team 1".

After the Seals

After some rough and tumble with some biker groups in the early 1970's, he went on to weight lifting and wrestling and being bodyguard for the "Rolling Stones" in the mid 1970's.

He went on the become Jesse "The Body" Ventura in the late 70's and continued his wrestling career until 1984, when health issues made him retire. He went on to do some wrestling broadcasting until 1990.

The Governor

In November 1998, running as a independent, Jesse upset the parties by winning the governors seat in Minnesota. He was well liked and served out his term in 2002 and announced he would not run for a 2nd term.

The Sickness of the 1%

From Jesse Ventura's "Off the Grid"

Spy Wars: CIA Vs. Congress

From "Off the Grid"

DemoCRIPS Vs. ReBLOODlicans:

From "Off the Grid"

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